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  • Boolean Expressions [06:58] :  An overview of Boolean expressions, including the basic definition of the Boolean data type: the set of values { true, false } and the set of operations { and, or, not }.
  • Simplifying Boolean Expressions [06:52] : This video covers the use of Double Negation and DeMorgan’s Laws.
  • Conditional Statements [06:55] : This video introduces the Python if and while statements.  The if, else, and elif variations are all shown.
  • Short-Circuit Evaluation [05:23] : This video illustrates examples of short-circuit evaluation.

Data Structures



  • Writing and using functions : How to write and use an function to calculate tax
    • Part I [05:30]: How to write the calculateTax function
    • Part II [05:59]: How to call the calculateTax function
    • Part III [08:48]: Incorrect calls of a function
  • What to avoid and what to do when writing functions [08:55] : This video uses an example to demonstrate good function writing conventions and styles.  
  • Global Variables [08:58]  : This video discusses examples, rules, and conventions on the global variables in functions. 


  • Introduction of HTML  [08:48] : An overview of HTML and how to use it in practice.
  • Introduction of CSS  [11:55] : An overview of CSS and how to use it to improve the HTML page.  [Split: 5 min introduction and 6 min about how to use CSS]