Simulation – NetLogo Environment

NetLogo is a multi-agent programmable modeling environment ( see for more information and how to download).  NetLogo is widely used to teach simulation and modeling to students with little or no programming experience. The following three additional NetLogo examples are those we believe will be both interesting and informative for students.

  • Wildfire Modeling
    • Many environmental factors, most notably weather and topology, influence how fire spreads. This post discusses how wildfire or forest fire modeling attempts to reproduce the fire behavior through simulation.
  • Segregation Modeling
    • The physical distribution and movement of two or more groups into different neighborhoods is in some scenarios driven by individual choices. This post use a NetLogo example to simulates the segregation process.
  • Virus on a Network
    • In a real network, there are many factors involved in the spread of a virus. This post shows a NetLogo example that simulates the spread of a virus on a network.