Redesign Monty Hall game using a list

In Conditionals, we designed the Monty Hall game. By using a list, we can simplify the code:

import random

# define a list of doors
doors = [1, 2, 3]

# use random.randint() function to generate a random number between 1 and 3
# The number generated means the door that has the car behind it
winner = random.randint(1,3)

# ask the player to make the initial decision
print 'Please choose the number of the door (enter 1,2, or 3):'
player_choice = int(raw_input())

open_door = 0 # the number of the door will be opened
switch_door = 0 # the number of the door if the player choose to switch

## remove the winner door from the list, as we will not open it until the very end

## if the player chose the door with a goat,
## open the other door with the goat
if player_choice != winner:
    switch_door = winner
    open_door = doors[0]    
## if the player chose the door with the car,
## open one of the other two doors randomly
    open_choice = random.randint(0, 1) # randomly choose a door between 2 doors left in the list doors
    open_door = doors[open_choice]
    switch_door = doors[0]

print 'Door',open_door,'is opened and there is a goat behind it.'
print 'Do you want to switch?'
print 'Y - Yes'
print 'N - No'
want_switch = raw_input()
if want_switch == 'Y':
    player_choice = switch_door #switch to the other door

if player_choice == winner:
    print 'Congratulations! You win the car!'
    print 'You get a goat!'