About PD4CS

The goal of PD4CS (Professional Development for Computer Science) is to provide an evidence-based professional development (PD) program to improve teachers’ knowledge to teach computer science, with a special focus on the effective training of teachers having limited computer science background.  The PD materials are aligned with the curriculum of the AP CS Principles (CSP) course. It covers some Scratch and otherwise uses Python in the PD resources related to programming. Over half of the PD material does not require programming (even though programming activities are typically suggested).

The PD material was developed along three main guidelines: (i) teaching methodologies and pedagogies grounded in computer science and educational methods, (ii) knowledge of the challenges teachers face when teaching computer science with limited domain knowledge background, and (iii)   responding to misconceptions and challenges students encounter in beginning computing courses.  We welcome teachers to adapt our materials for their own teaching lessons, and we describe opportunities for classroom projects as appropriate.



This work is supported by the National Science Foundation under grant number 1339245

Contact information: PD4CS Research Team (pd4cs-help@lists.purdue.edu)

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